Concrete Curbing
Concrete Curbing
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Just call our office and our staff will be glad to assist you in setting up a time for your appointment, we will bring pictures, samples, color charts, and a plethera of knowledge right to your door. Our sales team will be able to assist you in choosing colors that best suit your style and needs. They will also be able to advise you on placement of our products to get the most out of them. Contact us at 864-284-6298.


We offer three different styles of curbing which are different from each other in as many ways as they are similar.


Moroccan is a curbing style where the colorant is mixed with twice the normal amount of cement and polymers are added.This make's Moroccan the strongest most stampable curb on the market today.


Eurostyle is a curbing style where the color hardener is poured onto the gray cement and then trowled to give a smooth finish, this gives a very sleek look which can match many different surfaces on a house or in a yard.


Integral color is a curbing style where the color is mixed with the cement which makes the curbing the same color all the way through the cement. It has a finish that is porous. This style can match just about any material, but tends to match best with brick. 

Concrete Coatings

We offer a multitude of styles of concrete coatings which are used in many different ways. From decoration to protection. These coatings can do just about anything you can imagine.


Stamped Overlay:

This style of coating is an overlay material that we mix on site and then pour onto the prepared surface which is stamped with a random stone patern. It comes in many different colors to add the perfect accent color to your house. It can be placed on any kind of previosly installed concrete. We usually install this style on driveways, walkways, and porches.


Spray Texture Overlay:

This style of coating is primarily used around pools, it offers a material that does not absorb heat as much as regular concrete which keeps it cool on hot days so nobody burns thier feet while they are trying to cool down in the pool, it also offers slip resistance when wet which makes it a safe addition to any pool. It has many different colors to choose from which makes it able to accent any pool.


Epoxy Chip Flooring:

This coating is primarily used to enhance garage floors. it adds a nice slip resistant floor so nobody has to worry about slipping if water gets into their garage, it also comes in multiple colors so you can match it to any garage or style.


Solid Color Concrete Stain:

This style of coating is used to alter the color of previosly installed concrete. From previously installed pool decks to driveways. Solid color stain is very similar to paint. It even goes on with a roller and paint brush! And if you are worried about slipping, we can add grip material to the stain which will give it a similar feeling to sandpaper once it dries. This style probably has the broadest choice of colors to choose from, so no matter the project, you can find a color to match.


In addition to doing concrete coatings, we also offer small flatwork instalations. This would be like a patio or driveway extension, or installing or expanding a walkway. 

Reseal Services

We also offer reseals. This is something that we recomend every costomer do to their curbing and overlays once we complete the job. The sealer we use, protects the color from fading due to exposure from the elements and the sun. We suggest you get a reseal once a year to keep your concrete in the best possible condition. 

Kwik Kerb Carolina has been in business for over 17 years, offering a wide variety of services to meet our customers' needs. With our qualified team, you can count on expert advice and guidance on finding the optimal solution that is right for you.


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